I will support and advocate for stronger funding for education as a matter of priority.

Education must be given "TOP PRIORITY" over any other matters in relation to funding. Funding allocation must be available for the education department to meet the necessary goals it needs to achieve to improve the education system.

I will advocate for a restructured discipline policy for schools.

We need a more rigid approach that includes tougher policies for action against those who break school rules. We need to be firm on them while they are still of school age, so we do not kick the can down the road and have to do this using the judicial system.

I would like to get all MLA's to agree that education is a safe zone away from the political warfare and promise to work together no matter who is in power

I will advocate for the establishment of trade schools.

These are needed at post-secondary levels.

We must increase trade programmes, including with the support of the private sector.

This does not mean building a new facility but partnering with the private sector to create opportunities. Examples of this are the UCCI School of Hospitality and Superior Auto's Apprenticeship Programme.

If government identifies the need and the private sector does not offer the programme, government must provide incentives for this to be done or offer the training itself.

I will support have trade programmes that give certification in the industry of construction. For example; Carpenters, Mason,Wiremen, Plumbers, Tillers and more.

All educational costs must be free – school registration, exam fees, text books, etc.

Let us remove any hurdles to getting a good education. All Caymanians must be given the best opportunity to succeed.

The battle to fix the education system must also be focused on the outside factors that hinder students from better leaning.

We must give the parents all the assistance necessary to be productive parents. Time and attention is some the most valuable assets to parenting and with the cost of living in the Cayman Islands, it has become increasing more difficult for parents to balance the need for survival with the time needed for being good parents.

Reforming education and training programmes for Caymanians will be my priority and should be for any government taking office.

When we fix this issue, in the long term, many other problems will be addressed because many of the issues the people face are a direct or indirect result of a fail education system.



a) I endorse the creation of a national tourism plan.

  • There needs to be a national plan for where we are going for the next 20 to 40 years. It has to be inclusive of all parties/sides and stakeholders, so it does not change every four years.
  • We need to decide what our priority model is in tourism and stick to it. We know that we make more revenue from stay-over visitors. Our focus should be on quality not quantity, a high-end jurisdiction, not a cheap jurisdiction. It is better for our long term success in tourism. We don't have the landmass to support the all-inclusive approach.

b) I will support efforts to find the most environmentally friendly option for a new sea port, as long as it does not come at the expense of the economic survival of our people.

c) I support the airport re-development and would like to see further investments to support stay-over tourism, including jet ways at Owen Roberts International Airport.

Financial Services

a) I propose that at least a 3-5% reduction in fees related to the financial services industry be done immediately.

  • Financial services, (directly or indirectly) contributes to more than 50% of our economy. We are stifling the one part of our economy that is bearing the majority of our fruit.

b) I support increased funding for Cayman Finance.

  • It is important for that group to continue to market and defend our financial services industry but proper funding is necessary

c) We must reduce red tape and bureaucracy in financial services.

  • We must continually strive to find more efficient ways to offer the services government provides.

New Industries

a) We need to market the Cayman Islands as being open for new industries, for example, Health Technology, Medical Research, Software Development, just to name a few.

  • The top two pillars of our economy are under threat – Financial Services and Tourism. Therefore, we must diversify our economy to create more security in the economy rather than leaning heavily of two.
  • This creates new avenues for job creation and wealth that will benefit all the people of the Cayman Islands.
  • This will also create additional sources of government revenue.

Making doing business easier for our people.

a) I will demand that we remove the cost of police records for Caymanians.

  • Caymanians should not have the added hurdle in the way of an employment opportunity because of the cost of a police clearance certificate.

b) I am committed to reduce the bureaucracy and red tape for small business.

  • Government must inject funds to the Cayman Development Bank, so we can offer more small business loans to Caymanians who want to start and develop small business enterprises.

Minimum Wage increase.

a) I will advocate for minimum wage to be increased. Caymanians are having serious difficulty surviving on $6 an hour.

b) I'm open to considering different minimum wages for different job categories.


I am committed to establishing a district council immediately upon being elected.

I will meet regularly with constituents to update them on legislative matters and to get feedback on matters of constituency and national importance, including bills and motions being brought before the Legislative Assembly.

I am committed to maintaining a cordial relationship with the U.K. Government. An adversarial relationship will do us no good for the Cayman Islands.

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