My Pledge

My Pledge to the people

To the people of the Cayman Islands, this is my promise to you:

Firstly, I am an independent thinker and I will be an independent candidate in the 2017 elections. In my bid for office, I want you to understand what you can expect from me when making decisions on your behalf.

I promise to Protect the interest of all Caymanians first before any others.

I promise to always be fair to all people, no matter the gender, race, income bracket, age or nationally.

I promise never to be influenced or driven by special interests.

I promise to consider all political viewpoints regardless who or where it comes from, CDP, PPM or Independents!

I promise to protect and maintain our cultural and religious beliefs.

I promise to never allow ego, personalities, alliance or any other bias to hinder the opportunity to work with other elected persons to find the best solutions for you the people.

I promise to make logical, fact-based decisions while using common sense.

I promise to always respect the position I hold and the position of the other elected representatives, regardless if they are with a party or not.

I promise to always carry out my duties in a mature manner.

I promise to remain humble and have empathy when making all decisions.

I promise to always be honest and transparent.

I promise that my allegiance will only be to you and never to a party or group.

Most importantly, I promise serve you with all my heart.

Yours sincerely, Kenneth Bryan

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