We must increase the number of officers in the enforcement arm of the Immigration Department by 200 percent.

We have to make sure that we protect Caymanian opportunities by investigating any Immigration violations.

We must investigate ways to separate work permit revenues from central government's annual budget.

This will reduce the likelihood of granting permits mainly based on revenue projections and have this done purely on merit


I propose to re-evaluate the law that makes pension deductions mandatory.

If after that re-evaluation and the country decided to continue with mandatory pension deductions then I propose to reform of pensions legislation to mandate that a portion of investments are made in the Cayman Islands.

Also, we must ensure that there is an emergency provision that allows people to use pensions to avoid foreclosures.

All Caymanians, including civil servants, should have the right to withdraw from their pensions for home ownership and medical emergencies.


I propose the creation of a National Standard Job Criteria List (NSJCL).

This will be a public document that serves as a reference tool to assist Caymanian job seekers of the expectations of private sector and government.

This will help eliminate private sector manipulation of the system by tailor-making job ads to suit a particular applicant.

I propose to revamp the labour law to deal with redundancies.

We must close loop holes in legislation used to maliciously get rid of employees.

I will advocate for additional job-readiness training programmes.


I propose to revamp the Government Guaranteed Home Assisted Mortgage programme (GGHAM) to include provisions for financial assistance to Caymanians facing foreclosure.

This will not be indefinite but short-term assistance to those falling behind for legitimate reasons.

This will avoid the future burden of foreclosed persons becoming a cost on government.

I will also advocate to reform foreclosure legislation to give balance and protection of both mortgager and mortgagee.

We must have new standardised guidelines and enforcement of property evaluators.

This will eliminate the inappropriate devaluation of homes facing foreclosures for quick sale.


1. Social programmes

  • I support increasing support for sporting organisations, after-school education programmes, churches and community groups.
  • I will ensure there is support to reinvigorate our traditional Christian values within our communities.
  • I propose to have government financially support the Lion's Club, specifically to upgrade the Lion's Centre, so it can be used by government and other organisations to host conferences and other events.
  • I will facilitate quarterly socials for senior citizens within George Town. I propose to offer rebates of government fees for companies that offer family-friendly work policies.
  • I will support strict enforcement and immediate investigations in to claims of sexual discrimination in the workplace.


I will propose a bill to introduce mandatory recycling in the Cayman Islands.

I support closing the George Town Landfill and finding a new location for a solid waste facility.

I believe the pollutions and contamination will become a serious health hazard for the constituents of George Town Central and Cayman a whole.

I suggest we revisit the previous DART deal and renegotiate to get better value for money.

I will lead the way in increasing paperless transactions to limit the amount of waste being created.

This includes modernising legislation that currently mandates the need for a physical mailbox (when not necessary).

I propose implementation and enforcement of stricter penalties for littering and illegal dumping.

It is time to embrace the digital age and promote more electronic transactions.

Part of this is the creation of a litter warden programme including rewards for information leading to prosecution of offenders.

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