HealthCare Cost

I will work with government agencies and private sector providers to reduce medical costs.

We must find strategies to reduce the cost of healthcare and insurance.

I will support a national healthcare plan, as long as studies show it will reduce healthcare costs in the Cayman Islands.

I support reducing duties on healthy foods to encourage better diets that place less burden on the healthcare system.

We must ensure that all our people have access to life saving medications, regardless of whether the patient can afford the cost.

I believe that all Caymanian children under 16 years old should be provided with free healthcare.

I believe that all Caymanian senior citizens should receive prescription medication from the HSA at cost prices.

Prison, Holding Cell GT

I propose to invest in a radar detection system to be used by border protection agencies – RCIPS, Customs, and Immigration.

  • According to the RCIPS, most drugs and guns come to the Cayman Islands by boat. If we want to attack the issue seriously we must invest in the tools that can properly detect boats coming into our shores.

I will provide support community leaders and community crime prevention strategies.

I propose changing the prison policy to make it mandatory for prisoners to take educational or vocational courses while serving time.

I support the implementing a National ID system previously proposed by former legislator Alfonso Wright.

I support giving the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services the tools required to keep Cayman safe.

  • We must increase the resources for enforcement, investigations and education on sexual crimes.
  • I will take a no-nonsense approach to domestic abuse and sexual violations.

I propose reforming the Witness Protection Programme. The public must have trust in the system or people will not use it.

Cost of living

I support the recent 2016 National Energy Policy spearheaded by Independent MLA Winston Connolly.

  • This policy will allow the country to transition towards a future of renewable energy and low carbon emissions which will benefit our country economically, socially and environmentally.

I support and will advocate for implementation of this policy with the next government that is formed.

  • I believe this will create a new vibrant pillar of our economy that will create jobs for Caymanians and provides career opportunities for generations.

I propose to further reducing the 20% import duties on food items.

I support increasing the import duty allowances for returning residents from $350 to $600.

I will advocate for retirees to get a 50% discount on motor vehicle and driver's licensing fees.

I propose a $10 million fund to secure properties for residential development to be made available at affordable prices for Caymanians in the future who are first-time property owners. Our land mass is small and we must think about the Caymanians of the future.

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